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As part of the Third Saxon State Exhibition, a programme of special provisions and offers based on the via regia theme aims to interest and inspire children and young people from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Both the geographical location of Görlitz within the Euroregion Neisse - Nisa – Nysa and the theme of the exhibition itself provide a context for forward-looking cross-border projects which focus on the potential of the region.

Based on the historical dimension of the via regia and the themes explored in the exhibition, children and young people will address a variety of issues. What are the benefits of mobility? In which direction should I orientate myself? What goods and values from my own region define its identity and make it my homeland? How and with which partners should networks be created in order to open up my region and enable exchange with others?

Teaching materials for the specific provisions offered can be downloaded at Materials / Publications.


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Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
3. Sächsische Landesausstellung via regia

Susanne Weckwerth




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Third Saxon State Exhibition via regia – 800 Years of Movement and Mobility
21. Mai bis 31. Oktober 2011